Reader Input: Norquist going down with ship

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Grover Norquist is fond of saying “This is not my first rodeo” in regards to his no-tax pledge and his abuse of the democratic process through intimidation and coercion.

In a word, Mr. Norquist, you are correct about this not being your first rodeo, but you and your “funding” fathers ought to know that this is most likely your last.

Your “whistling through the graveyard” on the future of your obscure and obscene perversion of our electoral process will come to a screeching halt. You are clearly a “clear and present danger” to our republic and need to be treated as such.

There is no Constitutional place for you and your anonymous donors. Your machine will slowly grind to a halt and you’ll be left with the political and moral equivalent of the Titanic.

Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn