Reader Input: NRA lobbyist’s comments gall

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Wayne La Pierre, the “silver tongued devil” lobbyist, strikes again with some amazing comments at the Conservative Political Action Conference convention.
Here’s a man who is the executive vice president of the 4-million-strong NRA and is paid $971,000 per/year to shoot himself in the foot.
We have 315 million people in this country, a great majority of which, would like some measure of weapons control who he is trying to intimidate through his inane comments about protecting our Second Amendment rights.
I find this particularly galling considering he never spent one second in the military and received a medical deferment for a nervous condition at the height of the Vietnam conflict (1969) and avoided a high draft number.
Also, this out-of-touch CPAC didn’t invite the classy Gov. Chris Christie from New Jersey, who stood tall in support of his state in their time of need.
And to again set the record straight, I’m retired military who spent 23 months in Vietnam and Thailand, own three guns and flew 180 combat missions.
Mr. La Pierre, our Second Amendment rights have been safe since 1791 and I hope I can’t say the same for your position.
Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn