Reader Input: Obama family should stay put

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Maybe it’s just me but does anyone else find it offensive and grossly insensitive for the “First Family” to be jetting off, for 20 days, to Hawaii while so many of our country’s citizens are suffering, homeless, without electricity and most importantly, without hope?

Maybe, rather than go to Hawaii, the First Family might like to do something to display some concern for those suffering from the hurricane and go to the damaged area and work with the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army. I’m not saying he should pick up a hammer or nails. God forbid, but let’s at least not go play in the ocean to escape the cold in Washington D.C. while thousands are without heat and freezing just miles away.

I do not consider the Obamas’ 20-day beach vacation to be the best use of my tax dollars – at this time especially.

Have a good time at the beach “Mr.” Obama, and if you want to be called “president,” maybe you should act like one,  too.