Reader Input: Obamacare a socialist step

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Do you really want (President) Obama to turn this country into a socialist country?
Really think about what that would do to you. If you have a lot of money and worked for it, it would be taken away and given to people who do nothing for a living.
Obamacare does exactly that just so everyone can be equal. You’re probably better off doing nothing as long as someone else is paying the bills but if there is no one to provide for everyone, then the entire society will crash!
The thing is, nobody is going to volunteer to go to college, get in debt and look for a job just to pay for everyone else. People have become lazy with all these technological shortcuts and Obamacare is another.
People are not robots that will do whatever Obama wants. People have minds of their own and whatever happened to freedom? People are equal in many things, but not economically (that’s capitalism!), so why try to be?
Apple Inc. has more money than the government and the government is still spending money and becoming more in debt.
Just because Obama is African-American and people wanted to make history doesn’t mean it was a good choice. But, why was he reelected?
The quote, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” really is true and isn’t just for books. It should be taken to heart, especially for things such as voting for a president.
Adrienne Caron, student, Auburn