Reader Input: Old ‘bait and switch’ alive and well

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Wouldn’t you like to think that in this day and age you could walk into your local grocery store and you’d purchase the item you’ve chosen priced as marked?

Not so. The old “bait and switch” method is still out there in your area. I went into our local grocery store and hand picked what I thought were apples at $1.49/pound, such as the corner display advertised.

After discovering at the check-out stand that some of my bagged apples were $2.99/pound and some $1.49/pound, I went back to the stacked apple display and asked the produce man for help, which he reluctantly offered.

Upon questioning him as to why there were a mixture of apples within the $1.49/pound display area he said “the middle row is $2.99/pound. I just haven’t gotten around to pricing them yet.” Upon my rebuttal, he then says “That’s what they want us to do.”


The more I thought about it after leaving the grocery store the angrier I got and that’s the reason for this letter, to inform you, the public, that it’s not what it appears to be.

Doesn’t it make you wonder?

Ellen Terrell, Auburn