Reader Input Online: Reelect Kirby and Nesbitt for City Council

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Gary Moffat has some good ideas. Unfortunately, based on the Journal’s editorial endorsement, as well as the endorsement of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce, he has not endeavored to work with the City or the business communities to put those ideas into action in the past. He now hopes to be elected to the City Council and his track record does not support his being successful there either.

Those who know the backgrounds of Dr. Bill Kirby and Mr. Keith Nesbitt are aware of their public service. In addition to which, is the positive attitude and commitment they bring to the work they have done as members of the Auburn City Council.

The Auburn City Council is made up of people who may have differing opinions but who have learned to work with each other for the greater good of the community whom they represent.

By re-electing Dr. Bill Kirby and Mr. Keith Nesbitt to the Auburn City Council the citizens of Auburn will be rewarded with continued service and commitment to the Auburn community.

Harriet White, North Auburn