Reader Input Online: Who is Romney?

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It’s been interesting this political season watching the blood sport of presidential debates. As nearly everyone agrees, Romney walked all over Obama in the first debate and, from what i gather, the second was looked at as pretty much of a draw. We’ve had four years to observe Obama and know his style and policy orientation pretty well. What’s been interesting, is to learn more about Romney. He’s a great debater, obviously darned smart, has some interesting ideas, and comes off to me as a super salesman, all of which probably explain his financial successes.

It’s no secret, though, that Romney has a problem with flip-flopping. Who is he? Is he the moderate, almost liberal, man who governed Massachusetts? Is he the man who insured his winning the Republican nomination by positioning himself to the right of the Tea Party? Or is he the centrist we are meeting in the debates who’s going to stick it to the rich while coddling the middle class. (He now claims he’s not going to lower the tax load on the rich but that he’s going to give the rest of us a well deserved 20% tax cut all, incidentally, while decreasing the deficit!)

Would you buy a used car from this guy?

Howard Williams, Cool