Reader Input Online: Will voters have the smarts to send Obama back to Chicago?

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In 2008, Barack H. Obama, using silver-tongued rhetoric, perpetrated the granddaddy of all con jobs on the American public. It got him elected President of the United States.

He promised to cut the federal debt, reduce unemployment to 4 percent, improve the economy and bring the country back to prosperity. Instead, he added $5 trillion to the national debt, employment remains at 8 percent or higher. ObamaCare was rammed down our throats, and the economy is in a shambles. He took $716 million from Medicare to fund ObamaCare.

We are borrowing billions from foreign countries, mainly China. One out of every $4 spent by the Obama Administration is borrowed money. Yet he has the audacity to beg for a second term where we will experience more of the same.

Our foreign policy is a joke. Hillary Clinton runs all over the Middle East shaking hands with dignitaries with the right while handing out millions with the left to buy friendship. Obama recently gave another $40 million to Egypt.

He has no record to run or so he and his advisers resort to “fear and smear.” Tell lies and trash the Romney-Ryan ticket. Tell seniors and women that Republicans will “throw them under the bus.” Common sense dictates that such charges are baseless and ridiculous although he and his missus, along with the clown for vice president, hit the liberal talk shows pedaling this garbage almost daily.

Obama started out being deceptive, graduated to disingenuous and finally to being an outright liar, the latest being the embassy attack in Libya. But the unions, print media, major television networks, NBC, CBS, ABC and the outrageous MSNBC along with the entertainment industry are solidly in his camp.

His rock-star, ego-driven arrogance is second to none, but he does have some strong points. He can sing a few bars of an Al Green song, shoot a decent left-handed jump shot on the basketball court and skip down the stairs from Air Force One without falling.

Liberal Democrats throughout the country will stay in line and would vote for “Jack the Ripper” if he were on the ballot running for president. On Nov. 6, voters will have a chance to right a wrong. Will they have the smarts to challenge Obama, tell him he had his turn at the plate and send him back for the corrupt government in the south side of Chicago from where he came from.

Carl Ladeck, Auburn