Reader Input: Our children in the crosshairs

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Please, someone, enlighten me as to this murderer in Connecticut.
Surely a gun enthusiast, protected by the Second Amendment right to bear arms, a true enthusiast or like so many in America today, driven to arm themselves to the teeth in fear of their own government – and driven by whom? By masterful fear mongers like the NRA, and weapons manufacturers themselves and making sure they stay fearful, men like the Koch brothers busting unions ensuring supporters stay impoverished and vulnerable to. again, masterful fear mongering.
Am wondering, has or will the NRA step up and offer condolences to affected families of these babies murdered Friday, Dec. 14, 2012?
Maybe some counseling or would that imply some sort of well-earned responsibility?
Praying our representatives have guts to confront these greedy and soul-less money chasers. Put them in their place as providers of hunting weapons for game and not innocent men, women and now babies in school.
ABE M. LEYBA, Auburn