Reader Input: Our freedoms are vanishing

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Divide and conquer, this is what this president has done.

Overwhelm the economy with welfare and food stamps until it collapses. Control health care and energy. Redistribute the wealth. Put so many regulations on the private sector that they can no longer stay in business.

This administration has no intentions of having a budget and being responsible. If you don’t agree with Obama, you are a racist. Blame anyone but Obama. What about the cover-up on Benghazi and the four dead Americans he would not help?

Obama’s ideology came from his Marxist/communist friends as he states in his own words in the audio book, “Dreams from My Father.” Check up the Cloward-Piven strategy, Saul Alinsky. This is how Obama ran his campaign.

The long-term goal is the UN’s Agenda 21. If you introduce socialism a little bit at a time, you can achieve communism without people knowing what hit them.

Is this the fundamental change he wants for America? We are losing our freedoms a little bit at a time. What free stuff government gives it can also take away.

Diana Pryor Foresthill