Reader input: Out with the old in with a new shelter

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The actual “bare bones” cost of the proposed new Auburn Animal Shelter is $13 million. Another $5 million is for related environmental costs/permits, etc. In addition to the $18 million is another $5 million for a design build contract; a needs assessment; architectural program; development of design and performance criteria; request for proposal; construction and project management services; inspection; tests; inflationary costs and contingencies—co. requirements that must be followed.
Yes, it’s a lot of money, and could have cost a lot less if the county would have approved the project back in 2001. This shelter is projected to cover the increase in animal intake over the next 25 years, and is designed to be cost effective and efficient re-sanitization, disease prevention, veterinarian services, noise reduction, etc.
This shelter is badly needed, and will serve as a safe haven for animals, who for the most part are there through no fault of their own—usually because of foreclosed homes, owner’s death, move to another state, financial duress.
I am a member of the Placer County Animal Services Advisory Committee and have had 40 plus years of budgetary/financial analysis experience; and I am happy with what I have seen regarding the plans for a new Auburn animal shelter. This Committee has had input into the plans and assessment needs for the new shelter. Instead of being so critical and making unjustified remarks without knowing the full details, why not visit the current Auburn animal shelter or seek out your Placer County Supervisor for your concerns.
Anita M. Wright, Loomis