Reader Input: Own a pet? Be responsible

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This letter is directed to anyone who walks their dogs or allows their cat to roam the neighborhood: Please be a responsible pet owner.
Carry poopie bags and pick up their poop. Not only is it for the safety of other pets, but it is common courtesy as a neighbor and as a resident. There is nothing worse than walking your dogs and dodging, or sometimes stepping on the “landmines” on the sidewalk or leafy pathways.
In regards to cats, the Placer County Code (6.08.010) states that it is a violation, “to allow any animal to run at large” and “to allow any animal to trespass on public and private property, without the consent of the owner of the property.”
If by chance you have a fence that parallels a public sidewalk, check your fence for loose or broken boards. Incidences have occurred where larger dogs have broken through the old fences of their yard and charge toward passing residents walking their dogs.
Lastly, remember to license your pet and make sure the contact information on their collar is current. This also is for the safety of your pets but, more importantly, it is the law.
Lucy Valentine, Loomis