Reader Input: Papal choice resonates

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I am a bit of a “lapsed” Catholic, as my mom would say, who has been disillusioned by the scandals and corruption in the Catholic Church.
Today’s selection gave me hope for the church, and gave me chills when the new Pope Francis came onto the balcony and said prayers with the world.
He chose a wonderful name that represents the true meaning of being pope — to live and speak for all souls but especially the poor and forgotten across our planet.
Our world is facing many worries, and I expect this pope who seems to really embody how austere and humble our spiritual leaders must be, will travel the world with a message of unity in these trying times.
We may have had doubts in recent times that the pope is irrelevant and arcane. May the surprise election of Pope Francis show our world that he can be a humble and good conscience for all.
Heidi Van Zant, Auburn