Reader Input: Penryn folks fund rural life

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Pro-development often uses “the developer has already spent X amount of money” to justify moving forward. The Orchard in Penryn fits this criterion. But what about the homeowners of Penryn? The 2010 U.S. Census reports there are 250 owner-occupied homes in Penryn. Three local real estate sites report that the average median home sells for $345,000 today.
Multiply those two numbers and Penryn homeowners have spent roughly $86 million to live a rural life. And, of course, there is the additional cost of upkeep to wells, septic, etc. and the cost of upgrades and improvements like solar, out buildings, etc.
We embrace the cost and challenges of living in the country. Many of us will live out our lives here.
The developers, on the other hand, will build their 150 apartments, will make their money and will move on to their next project, leaving the county and Penryn homeowners to deal with the mess of 150 apartments in our rural backyard.
I urge our supervisors to vote to support those of us who have spent our own small fortunes to live in Penryn and to say no to the out-of-area developers!
Cynthia Davis, Penryn