Reader Input: People intent on taking life will do so

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We need to look for the root of the problem. People carelessly throw out exaggerations, manipulations and lies in an effort to justify a knee-jerk response that does not address the problem!
Society does not respect the sanctity of life.
A gun, a knife, a pipe bomb … there are myriad ways to take life and lives will continue to be taken as long as our society refuses to acknowledge its sanctity regardless of what laws you pass to make yourself feel good by banning implements.
Yes, about 70 percent of gun shootings are “intentional.” Gangs, assaults, petty crime — the vast majority of shootings happen and you don’t blink an eye or care until the body count goes above some arbitrary number or affects some specific segment of society.
None of that ends with the banning of guns. They will still get their guns because they have no regard for the laws you jump into. The shootings will continue in our schools, malls, homes, on our streets, and those that find lawful access to guns more difficult will not be able to defend themselves or others from those that do not care about your banning.
People intent on taking a life will do so. They will find other means of taking lives.
But that doesn’t matter to you as long as you can say “I banned that implement.”
Nineteen children died in Oklahoma City and not a single shot was fired.
Two pipe bombs were found this last week in elementary schools in California, and it’s nothing new. In 1927 45 people were killed in Bath Township, Mich. when a man set off three bombs in a school.
So go ahead, rant and rave about guns. Push for the elimination of them. It won’t stop the killings, but your petty, short-sighted self will sleep better with the knee-jerk reaction.
Do changes need to be made in our laws regarding weapons? Absolutely. Responsible changes.
Even so, without a renewed belief in the sanctity of life, I won’t sleep well without real solutions.
Robert Kanngiesser, Auburn