Reader Input: People pay for incompetence

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I hate to, but I have to agree with Thomas Mann (“Where is the outrage?” Reader Input, March 24): “America has become a nation of idiots.”
The thing is that when you spend time worrying about things like White House tours you have fallen for their cover-up.
You see, the truth is that if “Oblamo” could restart the tours, then so too could the Congress. Both parties and the president allowed the sequester to happen because they can’t or won’t find a workable solution to our debt problem.
The sequester represents about a trillion dollars in spending cuts over a 10-year period. The result has been immediate and inconvenient, if not painful for all of us.
Can you imagine what the $6 trillion cuts proposed by the House of Representatives would feel like? So why did they let the sequester happen? Because they don’t want to be held responsible for their inability to compromise and govern! Both parties have been overspending and over borrowing since the ’80s!
So don’t be fooled by their red and blue propaganda, Mr. Mann. The sequester is what both sides wanted. These cowards we call representatives and senators don’t work for the American people. They work for Wall Street and their corporate godfathers.
Soon they will send you another huge bill to pay for their incompetence. Then, maybe the White House tours will resume!