Reader Input: Petraeus timing seems curious

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The David Petraeus case doesn’t pass “the smell test.” Far from it. The administration is running around with who knew what and when.

A good bet is that when the FBI became aware of the emails leading to the CIA director’s affair, the White House was immediately advised. After all, the president’s bid for a second term was at stake.

The wheels then began to turn and the president and his advisers told Petraeus that his resignation had to be imminent, but to hold off the announcement until after Nov. 6, which he did. Within two to three days after the election, Petraeus comes forth with the revelation.

With the FBI and presumably Obama’s knowledge, why didn’t Petraeus announce his resignation in late October? It is folly to think that the president isn’t immediately advised of such happenings as he has repeatedly told us “the buck stops here” as Commander In Chief.

Cover-ups are commonplace in Washington. The “stench” emanating from the CIA, FBI, State Department and White House is disgusting.