Reader Input: Politicos taking us over the cliff

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Politicians on both sides of the aisle are determined to go  off the “fiscal cliff” pointing blaming fingers at each other as they enact a huge tax increase across the board.
Does anyone really believe politicians have any motive to “solve” that problem? If politicians on both sides of the aisle didn’t want us to be $16 trillion in debt as a nation, we wouldn’t be there today, nor would we be getting in deeper all the time!
Now politicians are borrowing still more, wasting trillions, supporting other nations before ours, crippling the economy, making asinine announcements, lining their own pockets and getting ready to eviscerate the Constitution.
Politicians make the following very true; “Politicians are interested in people. Not that interest is always a good thing. Fleas are interested in dogs!”  (Mark Twain)
Get these political hacks out of the way and put in people  who both respect the Constitution and have enough brains to balance a checkbook!
Rocky Warren, Colfax