Reader Input: President should address family stability

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Gun control — curbing violence — is the mantra of the day ... the focus of our president. All well and good, but why stop there?
“Why not,” asks the Christian Science Monitor in a recent commentary, “probe a root cause of gun violence — out-of-wedlock and fatherless kids?” I would expand? Why not a better understanding of the correlation between children from broken homes and school dropout, poverty, drug abuse and violent behavior?
According to Robert Doar, commissioner of N.Y. City’s Human Resources Administration, “both public and private leaders refuse to take on the issue of children raised by single parents — despite all the statistics showing harm — or deal with it in a meaningful way.”
How many single parents? The monitor states that “nearly 26 percent (of children) are raised by single parents, and that figure jumps to 72 percent for blacks, 71 percent for the poor.” Also, “more than half of births to women under 30 are now outside of marriage.”
Regarding poverty — a growing problem — a Brookings Institution study found that “almost all the increase in child poverty, since the 1970s, would have disappeared if parents today had married at 1970 rates.”
Yes, many single parents raise functional children. I side, however, with those who maintain that children need a mother and a father, who serves as role models, and, with whom they can identify.
Children need the love, protection and support of a stable family, the lack of which is a root cause of social dysfunction. This should be the focus of our president.