Reader Input: Presidential car promos insult

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I certainly understand our free economic society and its ways of enterprise.
I also can live with and handle the many advertisements that we are bombarded with on a constant basis, but the recent commercials that one major automobile manufacturers has been airing is no more than an insult to our presidents, our nation, our educational system.
There are two idiots in the commercial who are dressed as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington singing and blasting away their ignorance while preying on the stupidity of many.
They especially insult Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address.” My wife and I drive the automobile in question. In fact, we are now on our fourth one. It is doubtful that we will purchase our fifth. I am a student of U.S. history and government and have often taught classes on the same.
It should also be stated that the company in question is one from the overseas market. Ugh.
Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn