Reader Input: Promote use of local shelters

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Auburn has too many people sleeping on its streets, but if various public service groups can take action, this problem can be reduced. Because shelters require drug addiction treatment, many homeless prefer to live in town than in our local shelters, and lately the population of homeless has increased.
If the Auburn community, police and firemen become more involved, maybe more homeless people would stay in shelters, rather than live on the streets? As winter approaches, shelters provide a warm, dry place to sleep that is out of the cold.
Part of the reason the shelters are not being used is possibly because the shelters are badly advertised, and homeless may not know where to go, or how to get there. Because of this, the “invisible shelters” are rarely getting used.
Why is Auburn taking the time and effort to keep these shelters running? Why aren’t the police and community becoming involved and trying to persuade the homeless to leave the main parts of town and seek help in local shelters?
If the Auburn community, police and firemen can advertise the shelter as a better solution to sleeping in the streets, we can put our local shelters to use and reduce the amount of homeless living on the streets.
Brenn Haydon, E.V. Cain student, Auburn