Reader Input: Prosecute lottery ticket peddler

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Gus Thomson’s article regarding an Auburn store selling lottery tickets which fraudulently were altered prior to sale should be an awakening call to the general public (“Auburn store’s lottery ticket ‘pinning’ scam exposed by sharp-eyed player,” Journal, April 28).
In addition, I’d like to see a follow-up article advising the general public as to what action the District Attorney took after receiving the evidence.
The owner of the store should be held accountable and should be responsible to reimburse the man who purchased the tickets. This should be part of the settlement between the D.A.’s office and the complainant.
The shop owner could simply throw up his hands and say he had no knowledge, but the owner is responsible for the actions of his employees.
Can you imagine how many other members of the public were fraudulently sold tickets at this store? Maybe thousands of dollars are at stake and this shop owner should never be allowed to sell state lottery tickets again.
The store name needs to be published because it’s imperative that the general public knows where not to frequent.
If there is any penalty in this matter it should be hitting the store owner in the pocketbook and let the public know the circumstances.
Dennis R. Kocher, Auburn