Reader Input: Proud that Sen. Paul stood tall

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We all want to be proud of our country, yet sometimes we become dismayed by our leaders’ actions. In our hearts we know how brave our forefathers were to declare independence from a tyrannical king. We know how brave our fathers were to fight in wars and give their sweat and hard work to building this great nation, for which we are the beneficiaries.
Today we see a government buying ammo faster than factories can produce it. Evidence suggests that the purpose of this ammo may be for use against American citizens.
We see a government buying practice targets depicting an obviously American pregnant woman holding a gun to decrease an officer’s God-given respect for life. We see a government using fines as revenue sources instead of for proper deterrent. We see our lawmakers writing and passing legislation that little by little takes away the freedom of Americans.
Spurred to action by a president and his executive office’s refusal to straightforwardly answer this question: whether the president has the constitutional authority to kill an American citizen on American soil who is not a combatant with a drone, a junior senator from Kentucky by the name of Rand Paul stood up in the Senate Chamber and spoke out for the American people for 13 hours until he was physically unable to continue.
After the White House phones and senate phones were jammed by the average American demanding an answer, the next day the attorney general conceded and sent Senator Paul a letter saying no, the president does not have that right under the Constitution.
I am proud of the United States, proud to be a citizen, and most proud of a junior senator from Kentucky named Rand Paul who cared enough to take on the president.
Robert Vaughan, Auburn