Reader Input: Public has the right to know

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Re: “Auburn City Council weighs making labor talks more public,” (Journal, Dec. 4):
I am writing to respond to the Call to Readers about the City of Auburn wanting to make public labor negotiations.
I think that labor negotiations should be made public. The meetings are held behind closed doors and in private. The people have the right to know how their tax dollars are being spent. If they are being spent for us, why are they done in secret?
It is my money I am giving them, and I want to know what is being done with it.
Democracy can only happen if we have full transparency of what is going on. If the unions are doing something good for the people, why keep it a secret? It just makes no sense.
I wonder just how much money the unions are making by demanding raises. The raises we give them probably don’t go toward transportation, but rather straight to their pocket.
Why pay taxes if we have no idea what they are being used on? The State of California became broke because of a bad decision. The representatives took our taxes and spent them on unnecessary things.
They ran out of money, and raised the taxes. They still didn’t have enough, so they borrowed money and are still trying to pay it back while spending. I just want to know what they are spending my money on and I want them to know how I feel, not just what they want!