Reader Input: Put inmates to work with Santa

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Re: “Inmates make toys for kids,” (Journal, Dec. 4):
In the minimum security barracks of Placer County, inmates, along with police staff, are making toys to give to needy children.
As an extension of Santa’s Workshop, hundreds of toys are being made through this program. By doing this, the prisoners are being rehabilitated and at the same time, working instead of sitting in their cells.
This program also provides presents to children that don’t have a family, who really need something to make them happy.
With the prisoners making hundreds of toys, the people at Santa’s Workshop have less work to do, so they can make better-quality toys.
Yet another advantage of this program would be giving the inmates the satisfaction of giving something back to society. Along with helping children, the inmates are helping themselves by learning work ethics and how to run a proper business.
If an inmate that was making toys for the program didn’t have a job before he was convicted and jailed, he could find a job at a factory making toys for a living.
By doing this, the former inmate would be helping the company he’s working for, because he would be producing toys to sell. The toys sold would help to boost the local economy and the money from this could be used to better the community.
BRETT RIDGE, student, Auburn