Reader input: Put kids first

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Billions upon billions of dollars have been sent to K-12 education over the years and what do we have to show for it? Ranked 47th out of 50 (even though Obama thinks we have 58) states and you want more money to spend! Please give the taxpayers credit for having a few brain cells left. How much money would be available if you in the public sector had not given yourselves a cradle to grave benefit package? Last figure I had was that 52% of the states budget was sent to education and that gives us a 47th ranking? Gosh, maybe if we give you more money we could get to 50th place. The system you have set up for yourselves is not sustainable and you can’t simply keep raising taxes or you’ll drive away the goose that lays the golden egg. I know that the teachers in the classroom must be paid a good income and given health benefits of which they would contribute to. But when you retire, that’s all folks. No more taxpayer monies! Like the private sector, we live on our investments (401k) and Medicare and Social Security. But until you clean up your system like getting rid of tenure, having all negotiations done at arms length (private sector taxpayer representation at the table with the Union - not someone in the system), reduce the top heavy administration, I believe you taxpayers should vote NO on these two propositions until academia puts the kids first instead of themselves and joins the real world of which we live. Why do you think CalStrs is $80 plus billion in the red for unfunded liability?   

James Mckesson, Auburn