Reader Input: Rattlesnake Bar should be open

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Rattlesnake Bar State Park has been closed since Aug. 1 and will not reopen until there is enough water in the lake to use the boat ramp.

Current policy is to keep Rattlesnake open only when the boat ramp is usable. This park could be closed for 10 months of the year. This limits access to the park for horse riders, beach goers, kayakers, fishermen, hikers and bikers, picnickers and many others who simply like to go into the park.

The reason for this closure is purportedly to allow the rehabilitation “of resource damage caused by off-road vehicle use.”

This is ridiculous. There is an occasional yahoo doing spins around the bottom of the lake bed when the water is down but I can see no damage in spite of going into the park almost every day.

The park rangers did almost nothing except open the gate in the morning and close it the evening.

If you are a user of Rattlesnake Bar State Park you need to contact Richard Preston, Folsom Lake Sector Superintendent. Tell him they need to get off their lazy bottoms and open the park.

Paul W. Comiskey, Newcastle