Reader Input: Re: “Carmichael ADA attorney with Placer presence accused of fraud by four ex-employees,” (Journal, Oct. 5).

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I personally think he is guilty. He certainly seems like he is. Always with a lot on his hands, employees feeling as if they are committing a fraud, yet, they still do field work because they want an opportunity for a pay raise. I believe if you think you are being asked to commit a fraud, then say something.

I think it is wrong to try and make small businesses go out of business by suing them for not having handicapped parking spaces. They shouldn’t do that.

Maybe they should warn them and give them a certain amount of time to comply with regulations and if they don’t do it in that amount of time, then, and only then, sue them.

The evidence points straight at Scott Johnson for being in it just for the money.

I mean, really, do we want such an opportunistic, greed-driven man around here? No! I say sue him and make him give back all the money. It only makes sense to do that.

AMY BERGQUIST, student, Cool