Reader Input: Reach for more than money

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I would never put aside this young man’s cover letter, or the fact of his excellent achievements throughout high school (“Placer High grad’s ‘best cover letter ever’ an Internet sensation,” Journal, Jan. 17.)
Some of the things written about him in the article in the Journal let me know that some of the best qualities of future leaders are alive and well. It mentions his “academic and sports achievements,” the way he carries himself and also a kid that is real.
Matt (Ross) comes across as very human and “you can’t train that.” I would not slight his dream one bit. This is the season where people of privilege, power and wealth celebrate themselves, while others celebrate in quiet, for good works done.
All I can say is, I hope Wall Street does not get one more of our talented, caring young. And my opinion of it all does not matter. If it’s recognition you seek, do good things and you will quietly receive it. If it is riches, I find that if I do the right thing and not worry about money, I always have money, maybe not rich, but fulfilled.
Usually the entities that take on interns can afford to pay, they just don’t want to. Their excuse: It builds the character to do the things you must do in a “crazy business,” good or bad.
So when you stand up and celebrate yourself, let it be for something real as well as altruistic. If you choose this path, or it is that which your creator choses, please be one of the Warren Buffetts of the financial world, and not one of the Jamie Dimons. Greed kills us all.
Mark Jensen, Newcastle