Reader input: Read Article IV section four

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So, I might be nasty, but I can say I have freedom of speech. Thank you Tom Mann, Marcia Graven and Willard Schmehl. You have proven not all have their heads in a hole in the ground.
Our country has never been this bad since he got to be President and his wife is just as bad. All they do is fly all over using our money. He will not allow students and all in the White House but allows people from other countries, movie stars and people who voted for him.
We live in the United States of America. He does not go by our Constitution. He does not believe in God. I should say “our God.” He is a Muslim. It’s about time he admits he is not a United States or American citizen. He will keep lying He can’t even speak the truth.
I am going on 83 years and I have voted for many years. I can say “Our country has gone to hell.” I heard today that they are going to start children learning Spanish in the fourth grade. The children are still learning English. Come on people – English is our country. If you don’t like it move to some other country.
The mule has no respect for our servicemen, our veterans, our Secret Service. She considers them her servants. She has said, she does not like the U.S. but she does now since her husband is the President.
Just remember, the newspaper can put anything they want because of our Constitution in the paper. Oh, by the way, read Article IV, Section 4.
God Bless our America.
Dee Nann, Christian Valley