Reader input: Reckless gun use not acceptable

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I have lived in Loomis for more than 25 years and always appreciated the lack of crime and general stupidity I have seen or heard about in more populated areas.
My fellow Placer County residents mostly share my view that Americans have the right to possess and legally use firearms.
They also mostly believe in behaving like intelligent adults.
Unfortunately, that is changing.
This New Year’s Eve I heard multiple gunshots from multiple weapons in the area north of Taylor Road near the town center.
It is bad enough when people set off large firecrackers or launch bottle rockets, but they rarely present the level of danger that a lead slug does when it returns to the earth.
I sincerely hope that the neighbors of these idiots either have or will inform the police of this reckless and illegal behavior, and that everyone makes it a point to tell whomever they talk to that they think these people are imbeciles.
Patrick McBride, Loomis