Reader Input: Refund money with interest

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(“Legislature to renew debate over rural fire fee,” Journal, Feb. 19): I am really disgusted as I read that the firefighting agencies to whom I have been forced to pay an illegal tax (please cease to call this illegal tax a “fee”!) have not even used the illegally collected tax for the purpose they said it was intended!
I sincerely hope that the foolish citizens of this state remember this when they actually get to vote on future taxes that affect the rest of us.
First, we find out that the parks department who raised fees while crying that they were broke and would be forced to close many state parks, was actually not broke, but was squirreling away monies to the tune of millions. I wonder how many voted to raise the park entry fees only to find out they had been lied to?
Well, this fire tax is just more of the same — lies and the illegal forcing of only some citizens to pay for something that everyone’s fire taxes should already cover.
As I have stated in previous letters, those who own acreage should have to keep it “fire safe” by being compelled to keep their property cleared. Those who do not follow the fire safety rules should then be fined for noncompliance instead of taxing a select few to cover the costs for those who don’t clear their land.
I am tired of paying for others’ irresponsibility.This illegal tax should be repealed immediately and our money should be refunded with interest!
Donna McCloskey, Auburn