Reader Input: Regulate the people, not guns

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Re: “Does U.S. mirror 1958 China?” (John T. Nightingale, Reader Input, March 21):
Those who advocate the removal of weapons from the general public should go back in history and study those nations who have done just that and see where they are today. (Thanks, John.) Yes, Ed (Scotten), (Reader Input, March 22): “we, the people” are armed today but little by little the Second Amendment rights are being chipped away.
Remember the Revolutionary forces — they were a bunch of rag-tag folks without a whole lot of organization and their action lead to one of the most blessed countries in the world.
In the last 10 to 20 years hundreds of people have flooded into this country, most illegally, to be blessed with the freedoms that America offers. The Federalist papers give excellent coverage on all the pros and cons during the drafting of the Constitution, including the Second Amendment. Laws should be made regarding those who use the guns, not the guns.
Sierra College had a seminar on the death penalty. One student said, “How much money that’s put into it is crazy. First of all, I don’t like the (death penalty) anyway … and I think that things that benefit us more like school and things like that, that’s where money should be going. Not to try to hurt other people.”
What does she think those who are on death row did to people? They are not there because they went to Sunday school each week; they hurt people! If the reason they were on death row was a part of the seminar I failed to read it in the account printed in the Journal.