Reader Input: Remember the have-nots

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Re: “Santa’s workshop has Auburn branch,” Journal, Dec. 4. There are many children on Christmas that do not have toys or someone to love them. They just think of it as another regular day.
I found out that there is a fundraiser called Toys for Tots. I then saw it in the newspaper the other day. Many kids are in foster homes or homeless shelters with no spirit. But Toys for Tots have changed that.
In this fundraiser people take these big buckets and put them in public stores. You can see one in Safeway, senior living home, or even in school offices. I believe that that is very wonderful on how schools are taking place in this fundraiser.
At my mom’s work (Emeritus) they do a fundraiser like that. They have a big barrel and they always fill it up by the end of the year. They would also have raffles. For example, they would say whoever brings in the most gifts gets a prize. The residents get really into that kind of stuff. I also understand that Placer High is making their toys. They make the toys out of stuff from their workshop.
Next time you see a Toys for Tots bin, think of the families that don’t have what you have.
ALEAH PALOMO, student, Auburn