Reader Input: Response distorts McClintock position

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How sad that Paul Berger has to distort Congressman (Tom) McClintock’s position on taxes in order to attack it (“McClintock repeating his party lines,” Reader Input, Dec. 6).
The Obama tax increases would fall on subchapter S small businesses earning over $200,000. That’s a fact. Mr. Berger misses the point when he argues that “only 8 percent of small business owners” would be affected – what Mr. McClintock said was that 88 percent of net small business income would be subject to the higher taxes. That is precisely the income that small businesses use to expand and to hire more employees.
The claim that these taxes would result in a net loss of 200,000 jobs comes not from McClintock or party leaders, but from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. Ernst and Young estimates the figure is closer to 700,000 jobs lost because of Obama’s policy. These aren’t partisan talking points — they are sound economic analyses from respected and non-partisan institutions. Does Mr. Berger really believe that taxing away the capital used to create jobs will result in more jobs? Really?
In their blind pursuit of an “eat the rich” ideology, Mr. Obama and his acolytes are imposing a policy that would utterly devastate hundreds of thousands of middle class families that depend on the jobs these small businesses provide. And for what? Wringing enough money to fund Obama’s spending spree for a grand total of eight days!
Jon Huey, campaign director at McClintock for Congress, Rocklin