Reader Input: Roads were meant for cars, not bikes

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Re: “Road users must show courtesy,” Reader Input, Oct. 4.
I agree strongly with Adrian Canfield. Also, if the car had a handicapped sticker, he/she might have been older and not as good of a driver anymore.
I, being driven along Mt. Vernon to and from school every day, personally deal with bikers at least three times a week. Roads were meant for cars, not bikers. Bike trails were meant for bikers.
I have also seen cars honk at bikers and speed by without scooting over at all! The only time I’ve ever seen a biker out in the road with a car actually following them instead of passing them is when I was being driven to school. The driver followed the biker for at least five or six minutes until he/she passed the biker slowly and cautiously.
I too get fairly annoyed by both arrogant (some, not all) bikers and rude drivers (again, some, not all). I wish people could be more like they used to be: polite, cautious and courteous. And, in my opinion, Adrian Canfield wasn’t overreacting. A lot of people think that way also.