Reader Input: Rock Creek a center of good deeds

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I really appreciated the article on Rock Creek Elementary School’s raising funds for the fifth-graders’ possibility of going to camp (“Rock Creek fifth-graders unite for a cause,” Journal, April 17).
Claudia Wilson has been such a strong influence on the students’ lives, as well as an encourager of many of the parents. Mrs. Wilson has been at Rock Creek Elementary for many years, and is respected and loved by the many students she has taught. She has gone out of her way to help them scholastically, as well as being there for them in the many emotional problems they go through in school, as well as in many of their homes.
The many teachers, staff and workers are also to be commended for their indispensable support in all that goes on at school. They are all committed to doing their best at what they do. From the custodian to the principal, they have made this school first-rate!
We need to be thankful for Rock Creek Elementary, and the other schools that we have in our community, that want the very best for our kids.
It would be great for us to get behind this effort to get these kids to camp. If you would like to be a part of this endeavor, call (530) 885-5189 to “Send the Fifth-Graders to Camp”. Thank you.