Reader input: Sales ‘gimmicks’ just raise prices

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Ever play a game at the gas station or the hamburger factory? Perhaps you have implemented a sales “reduction” due to a “rewards card” or similar sales “gimmick”?
Personally, I have gotten a reduction at one office supply store but thus came nowhere near the “10 per cent” return (or savings) promised by the store and obviously didn’t cover the increases in prices at the same outlet (in order to pay for) the administration and cost of these “ploys.”
The other stores offering this “service” gave me a net reduction of “zero” and dramatically increased their prices.
All parties would benefit from the deletion of these ploys, which cost thousands of dollars. This is done to gain extra profit from “supposed” increases in sales. The outlawing of these “shenanigans” should be considered. Possibly a voluntary cessation of these practices would be more feasible.
Also, “savings coupons” are supported by increases in prices of the merchandise and the printing of these are an added expense that the customers pays for, however indirectly.