Reader Input: Scary times call for kindness

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I am very concerned these days. Ever since I was a child (well, a little child), death has been the scariest thing ever. My father died when I was 6, my grandma died a little while back, and my grandpa just died.
But the biggest of my fears was assassins. When I was very little I found myself searching the house for murderers. Now to think that in our own United States, assassins have been popping out of nowhere.
A little bit ago, right in Placerville, a school janitor killed the principal for firing him, and more recently at Oregon a random murderer came out of nowhere and killed two people! The shootout was very tragic; many people got injured while Christmas shopping, even children. That’s something that can cause any mind to worry.
I understand that bad people are out there, but it still frightens me. Bad thoughts come to people’s minds, but I still to date have no idea why they do this.
The mind of humans is different in a way, making some have crazy thoughts about this stuff. I don’t have any control over all this, but you do. Some people do this because they are depressed, have no friends, etc.
Maybe if you talk to someone who seems down, you can make his day, and decrease the chances of him becoming a bad person.