Reader Input: The sequester must be upheld

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Many members of Congress, the president and special interest groups and cronies who feed off of American families want us to believe that obeying their own sequester law will force women and children to starve and our defenses to fail.
These politicians and their well-connected friends are using shameless scare tactics in order to be spared from tackling their over-spending addiction. Don’t believe their propaganda. Even with the sequester “cuts,” total spending will still increase every year!
Spending is projected to total $3.55 trillion in 2013, $3.6 trillion in 2014, and over $4 trillion by 2016! Don’t let the political class and the privilege-seeking interest groups fool you.
Sequester must be upheld as it was passed by Congress and signed by the president. Furthermore, it must be seen as only the first step in a long line of responsible actions to decrease spending, eliminate the deficit and debt and free all of us – especially younger generations – from a bloated federal government that is crushing us all.
We, the people, want a balanced approach to solving America’s financial problems. Our families have already given more by way of tax increases. Now, isn’t it time for the politicians and agencies to cut a portion of their budgets? Isn’t that what the president’s “balanced approach” was supposed to look like? I urge my fellow citizens to call their members of Congress and tell them to obey their sequester law and cut over-spending now.
Sonja L. Cupler, Loomis