Reader Input: Sewer meetings really matter

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For persons in North Auburn’s sewer district, facing sticker shock at proposed sewer rates, it is vital to get to both the 7 p.m. Thursday (May 2) meeting at Regional Park’s Lakeside Room, and Tuesday’s (May 7) Board of Supervisors meeting at the Domes in Auburn at 10:30 a.m.
I got involved by persistent urging from my friend, Richard Sanborn, reminding me of the benefit of sewer-plant contributions to the stream flows necessary to fulfill my hopes to see salmon spawning in Auburn Ravine Creek, Rock Creek and Dry Creek … and reminding me that those migration-supporting flows will be deficient in dry years if the raw sewage gets piped to Lincoln for purification.
Then, the more I looked into the choice between the Lincoln pipeline and the bids for a rebuilt or new plant on the Joeger Road site, the more alarming the situation appeared.
I still have more fact-checking to do before Thursday’s evening meeting, but at this point it appears that the decision of whether to continue with the plan of piping sewage to Lincoln might have as much as $300/year impact on homeowner’s sewer fees, and $1.5 million difference in how much money stays in the Auburn area and circulates in our local economy.
Supervisor Jim Holmes will be there Thursday, as will Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery’s field representative, Jocelyn Maddux. (Supervisor Montgomery has a North Tahoe MAC meeting that same evening.) This meeting could make a big difference in our quality of life. See you there.
Gordon Ainsleigh, Meadow Vista