Reader Input: Sewer project price fails ‘stink test’

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Surprise, surprise and surprise! The sewer fee hike was approved by the Board of Supervisors (“Placer supes approve $13.78-a-month North Auburn sewer fee hike,” Journal, May 8).
A.) Maybe it’s just me, but it always seems that on the important county issues or major money issues, the scheduled “hearing” is at about the worst possible time for most of the working people/taxpayers. Another Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. Really? I was not able to be part of the “Stormy Session” but I did send in my letter of disagreement. Sure glad I took the time to do that. Glad the esteemed mayor of Lincoln got a chance to be heard and quoted.
B.) $76 million (plus or minus) for a new sewer project, $20 million (plus or minus) for a new animal shelter, $92 million (plus or minus) for the South Placer Jail (that has sat idle for how long now?) and whatever else is pending (or should I say spending?).
I must have missed the breaking news story that a money tree was found somewhere in Placer County (in addition to the ones in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.).
C.) Although I am not trained in the world of finance, sewer plant construction or government administration, but from an over-taxed county resident’s opinion, there is some scary county government here! How about publishing the answers from the county powers-that-be of Jim Holmes question, “What are the benefits the people receive?” I’m certainly looking forward to that.
D.) Attention: Mr. Cecil Price. I am willing to assist with your efforts to bring some sort of sensibility and common sense to the issue. Let’s spend $76 million rather than just $62 million. This doesn’t seem to pass the stink test. Do we need to even spend $62 million?
E.) I know one supervisor who I won’t vote for should re-election be in her plans.
Daniel P. Watson, Auburn