Reader Input: Share this recipe for a happy new year

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Take the time this holiday season to:
Practice random acts of kindness, send anonymous gifts or flowers to your neighbor, co-worker or friends, mend a silly quarrel. Call your parents and family members. Tell them you have been thinking about them.
Remind the most important person in your life that you love and appreciate them. Be there for your children. Tell them how much you love them and how happy you are they are a part of your life.
Smile and give a compliment to a person unknown to you. Encourage a young person. Be a good listener. Give a hug. Seek out a forgotten friend. Give to a charity or someone in need. Let go of an old hurt and forgive. Change your attitude to one of gratitude. Be patient, slow down, enjoy life and the beauty of the Earth. Send out positive thoughts and love wherever you go. Re-examine your own priorities.
What is really important to you? Write your own holiday season priority list, act on it and I assure you, you will experience a very happy new year.
TIM BUSK, Auburn