Reader Input: Smokers’ litter is disgusting

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The School Park Preserve near the bridge is literally carpeted with cigarette butts, unless city employee Andy cleans them up (“Smoke-free Auburn parks attempt suffers setback,” Journal, Feb. 22).
My 5-year-old friend, August, and I used our trash grabbers many days last summer there, but the butts were overwhelming to both of us. The city must have used some kind of vacuum to get them up before the symphony concert in September.
It’s disgusting. Please go see for yourselves and  ban smoking at least there. At least in honor of the Cooley-Gillions’ gift to us.
Law enforcement patrols there for drugs. He can also ban smoking at least while he’s there and I wish he would cite for the additional major littering there. August and I collected two grocery bags worth, each visit.    
There was no mention in the article about the ban on smoking in Ashford Park “leading to frustrated park users and potential confrontations.” Has that been ARD’s experience there? Thank you for your service to the community.
Betty Jensen, Auburn