Reader Input: Social welfare not sole welfare

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There are two types of welfare in our country, “social welfare” and “corporate welfare.” A lot of Americans complain about social welfare, yet silently accept corporate welfare given out at local, county, state and federal levels.

TANF (temporary aid to needy families), enacted in 1996, a social welfare reform that replaced the original social welfare program enacted in 1962.

TANF is given to each state in the form of a block grant. The states then, in turn, have full control over the distribution of the TANF funds.

California’s social welfare program is CalWORKS, under the umbrella of CDSS. The August 2012 “Public Assistance Facts and Figures” reports that 7.6 percent of Californians received some form of public assistance.

Corporate welfare is subsidy to a corporation and/or industry with no goods and/or service returned to the government. Federal and State Legislatures have violated the American taxpayer by signing into law subsidy ACTS to corporations and industries for decades.

Wal-Mart is a prime example of corporate welfare. Wal-Mart receives hundreds of millions of dollars of subsidization by local governments throughout the country. Wal-Mart pays low wages which in turn perpetuates more Americans applying for TANF.

Why is there no outcry and/or uproar by Americans over corporate welfare?

Why do Americans accept corporate welfare but have disdain for fellow Americans who receive social welfare?

It saddens me that some Americans would rather a fellow American go hungry versus Wal-Mart (example) receive government subsidy.

CHERIE HOLM, Meadow Vista