Reader Input: Solve county’s sewer issue first

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There appears to be a serious problem within Placer County government starting with the Board of Supervisors to the department heads and other executives. Building an animal shelter at a cost of $23.6 million, before cost overruns, is insane to say the least.
All the while senior citizens living in North Auburn senior communities are paying a $58.55 per month sewer tax and have been doing so for years. Other homeowners in North Auburn are paying about a $100 per month sewer tax. Yet nothing is being done for the SMD No. 1 problem. So where is our money-going?
Placer County offered to give the City of Auburn several millions to join in the sewer project but that did not work. That money is what we citizens have been paying for years and the county thinks it is OK to just hand it over to the city?
Supervisor (Robert) Weygandt represents Lincoln on the county board and so he is pushing this while residents of Lincoln pay a much smaller sewer tax than folks in North Auburn.
Why are we in North Auburn forced to pay for this debacle and yet the county does not talk about the project? The county can spend millions on an animal shelter and continue to take advantage of citizens who may be hard pressed to continue to pay the exorbitant sewer tax? This tax is not considered to be discretionary spending, we must pay it.
I am well aware that many animal lovers feel the shelter should be built, but there are many humans who need help. So let’s get some common sense about this and forget the shelter. Do something now about SMD No. 1 and get the sewer tax lowered so as to improve the quality of life for the residents of North Auburn.