Reader Input: Spare Downtown’s spots of beauty

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It is so nice to see all the beautiful flower pots in Downtown Auburn. Vicki (Liddicoat) does such a wonderful job keeping them looking pretty.
She plants flowers when the season comes and when people steal the flowers out of the pots. She picks out the dirty diapers, used condoms and cigarette butts.
Not always easy keeping the flower pots pretty.
That could be changing soon, unfortunately. In talking to a Downtown Auburn business person, they said some city people want to get rid of Vicki. Then also they will be removing half the flower pots off the sidewalks.
Why? Auburn looks pretty with the flower pots. Vicki does a fabulous job keeping them watered, adding new flowers when needed and taking trash out put in by inconsiderate citizens.
I vote to keep Vicki and all the flower pots!