Reader Input: Stand up to tax loopholes

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Why do tax loopholes exist for big corporations? Why do big corporations get to skip out on paying their taxes? When corporations put their money in private offshore back accounts, they don’t have to pay taxes to Uncle Sam, and we little guys get stuck paying taxes on everything under the sun.
Reality check people. Big corporations are stuffing the pockets of our elected members of congress to overlook secret offshore bank accounts that are full of untaxed income. It’s called bribery!
We’ll I’m one of the little guys that has to pay taxes, and it’s hit a boiling point. The regular person’s burdens has gotten so heavy our backs are breaking. These young brave men and women supporting Ca. Fair share, and asking Congressmen McClintock to close these tax loopholes, and make big corporations pay their fair share of taxes, are proposing a simple basic solution; the law should apply to everyone! It’s not funny anymore.
Everyone, even big corrupt corporations have to pay their fair share of taxes! Stand up and get involved!
Ryan Paccini, Roseville