Reader Input: Start digging a Lincoln pipeline

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Concerning the sewer rate hike: Why aren’t our Congress representatives ([Doug] LaMalfa and [Tom] McClintock) doing anything? Up until this year, McClintock “represented” North Auburn and has done nothing to secure mitigating costs contribution from the Feds — except tell the voting residents of Colfax he “feels their pain.”
Concerning constructing the regional wastewater pipeline to the larger, modern treatment plant in Lincoln: I support the Lincoln option for wastewater treatment, even if it means I pay a sewer rate hike fee. California and the Fed will continue to require more stringent upgrades, as technology improves to make better wastewater treatment feasible.
Our time was up. All indications were showing that even if we upgraded Sewer Maintenance District 1, we may be required to upgrade again and again and again — and end up paying more rate increases than the pipeline.
To delay a pipeline to Lincoln would end up costing much more in the future than now. (Supervisor Jim) Holmes is disappointing — sometimes you have to do your job and do what’s right for your people.
What will retired and low-income residents receive for their rate increase: Same as everyone — a place to treat your future wastewater at what will probably be the lowest cost alternative available.
Mark Wexler, Auburn