Reader Input: State picking on teachers

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Dear California:

What’s happened to the place I used to be so proud of saying I was born and raised in?

I was talking to my Mom there in Auburn, and I find out your benevolent governor has decided it’s OK to cut back teachers’ pensions by one-third to help pay for the excesses of the state government for all those years.

I mean, why didn’t he limit all California pensions to a level not to exceed the U.S. poverty level?

I hear about all these $100,000-plus pensions many in the public sector there have finagled out of the state taxpayers. Why isn’t the governor following the Democratic leadership in Washington making them pay their fair share?

Only fair, I say, and leave the poor little octogenarian’s pensions alone. Pretty soon at this rate they won’t even be able to buy Alpo for dinner.

Pete Callamaras, Walton Beach, Fla.